An Iraqi source confirms reports on an explosion on the Iraqi-Syrian borders


Shafaq News / A source in Al-Hashd Al-Shaabi Command within the operations sector in the city of Al-Qaim, west of Al-Anbar, confirmed on Monday that an explosion occurred late last night on the Syrian side bordering Iraq within the Al-Qaim-Al-Bu Kamal axis.

However, the source indicated that no information was available about the nature of the explosion and its consequences, until now.

The source was commenting on the news of the death of the commander of the Iranian Revolutionary Guard, Muslim Shahdan, along with 3 of his companions, after they crossed Al-Qaim border crossing on the Iraqi-Syrian border.

The source told Shafaq News Agency, "Al-Hashd units operating at the borders in Husaybah, al-Rummana, Makr al-Dhib, al-Qaim, and al-Zawiya divisions adjacent to the Syrian lands did not receive any information about targeting their forces in the Iraqi-Syrian border, and Al-Qaim border crossing did not receive any dead bodies.”

The source confirmed the occurrence of an explosion on the Syrian side of the border, indicating that in the eleventh hour of last night, an explosion occurred inside the Syrian territories bordering Iraq, without knowing its cause or nature.

According to reports published by Arab media, Shahdan and his companions were killed in an air strike.

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