Allawi addressing Iran and the U.S: leave Iraq alone

Allawi addressing Iran and the U.S: leave Iraq alone
Shafaq News/ The head of the Civil National Front, Iyad Allawi, called on Iran and the United States to "leave Iraq to the Iraqis to decide the fate of their country."

 Allawi said in a statement, "It seems that the scene is repeated as I go back in living memory of 2005, when well-known parties asked me to be among sectarian coalitions and alliances to share influence and power. I categorically refused at the time."

He warned, "Iraqis of all sects against slipping the country into sectarian quarrels and battles, and abhorrent quotas that destroy it.

This is what is actually happening and dragging the country to human and material losses from which our people have not recovered until today."

"Today, unfortunately, we sincerely and knowingly ask, what elections they are talking about? What a limited horizon they are heading to under all these deteriorating circumstances and tragic conditions the Iraqi people are living in?" he asked, "who is leading them and giving orders on their behalf? Are they the true leaders of Iraq and its people? or other parties who want only want evil and destruction for it?"

"The battles will intensify, and the conflicts will increase in frequency and vary in forms between this party and that, and the pace of competition will drop to the lowest level of rivalry, farce, and exchanging outrageous accusations that are not worthy of statesmen and politicians."

"What elections the United States of America, the Republic of Iran, or others are talking about? by what right do they interfere or decide to determine the fate of a nation and people from political kitchens that operate from outside the borders and set their measurements that are not suitable for our people?"

 Allawi addressed Iran and U.S., "Leave Iraq to the Iraqis and do not deepen its wounds and pain, for it is the best who plans and decides its fate. Beware of the wrath of the stoic, for his hour is near, forewarned is forearmed."

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