Al-Sadr is responsible for the corruption of his party's officials, MP says


Shafaq News/ Iraqi MP Basem Khashan criticized the Sadrist movement's attempts to distance their leader Muqtada al-Sadr from the "corruption" of the ministers and officials of the movement in the Iraqi government, "Al-Sadr bears the responsibility in this aspect, and he has to apologize and ask for forgiveness from the Iraqis."

 Khashan posted on "Facebook" today, "Al-Sadr’s followers are trying to distance Al-Sadr from the corruption of Sadrist ministers and officials during the previous years, claiming that does not know. In fact, this is worse than contributing to corruption." 

 Khashan added, "Those who deny al-Sadr’s knowledge of what his followers have committed at the level of ministries, independent bodies, special ranks, and the Parliament adds up to his responsibility for corruption, insult, and contempt...We reject this...We ask him to apologize and ask for forgiveness of the Iraqis, hoping that God will forgive him for the sins of his followers have done."

 The independent MP added, "What applies to al-Sadr applies to all other leaders of political parties."

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