Al-Sadr "fears" his followers' control over the government


Shafaq News/ Muhammad Salih al-Iraqi, who is close to the leader of the Sadrist movement, Muqtada al-Sadr, said that the latter is worried that his followers will assume the position of Prime Minister.

Al-Iraqi published a conversation between him and al-Sadr on Facebook, in which the leader of the movement wondered, "Will our followers be up to the responsibility, or will they be like their predecessors?"

He quoted al-Sadr saying, "if the world opens its doors to anyone who has not tamed himself, they might slip. I do not want to sacrifice the reputation of my parents and grandparents and the family name."

Al-Sadr added, "I do not want anything from this except to remove corruption, help the oppressed and the poor, and end affliction."

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