Al-Sadr calls the independent deputies to form a government within 15 days

Al-Sadr calls the independent deputies to form a government within 15 days

Shafaq News/ On Wednesday, the leader of the Sadrist Movement, Muqtada al-Sadr, called for independent deputies to form the next Iraqi government within 15 days after the Shiite Coordination Framework failed to create it within 40 days as al-Sadr asked.

"After consultation with the allies in the largest Alliance, I say: The current political process has three parties: The first party: The largest national Alliance: (Saving the Homeland), which is the patron of the national majority... But because of the Iraqi judiciary's decision, it was delayed in forming a majority government." Al-Sadr said on Twitter.

"The second party is the Shiite Coordination Framework that called for the consensus government... we gave it forty days, but it failed to form the consensus government."

"The third party is the independents in Parliament. Now, We call on them to gather at least forty individuals to form an independent government within 15 days and then join the largest Alliance (Saving the Homeland) that will vote for their government." He added.

The Shiite Cleric renewed his call to some of the Framework's forces to join the Alliance with the Sadrist bloc

Since the Iraqi Parliament held its first session on the ninth of last January, the situation became more complicated with the Framework insisting on having the "Shiite" largest bloc because the prime minister is entitled to the Shiites, while the leader of the Sadrist movement Muqtada al-Sadr refuses to engage in an alliance with the Framework forces and adheres to excluding the leader of the State of Law coalition Nuri al-Maliki from any alliance.

On the other hand, the dispute between the two Kurdish poles continues; the Kurdistan Democratic Party says the position of the President of the Republic is a "Kurdish entitlement, and not for a specific party." At the same time, the Patriotic Union of Kurdistan asserts that this position is its right.

The scene became more critical after al-Sadr announced his withdrawal from negotiations to form the next government and choose the next prime minister giving this task to the Framework to solve in 40 days.

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