Al-Sadr: Some of the PMF factions are weakening Iraq


Shafaq News / Leader of the Sadrist movement, Muqtada al-Sadr, warned on Wednesday of "losing Iraq" as a result of the bombings and assassinations carried out by some of Al-Hashd Al-Shaabi (PMF) factions.

Al-Sadr said in a message addressed to Al-Hashd Forces, "Know that what some factions belonging to Al-Hashd Al-Shaabi are doing is weakening Iraq, supporting external forces, on top of which is the great evil America", adding, "Try to act with wisdom for the love of Iraq".

Al-Sadr continued by saying, "you must seek wisely and deliberately to end making Iraq an arena for struggle, and strive together for the independence, sovereignty and security of Iraq".


"We renew our demand not to interfere in the internal affairs of Iraq from all parties. Iraq no longer endures more violence, wars, clashes and political conflicts.

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