Al-Khafaji approves of project worth billions in Dhi Qar


Shafaq News / Dhi Qar's former Municipal Qdministrator Hassan Daadoush announced on Saturday that governor Ahmad al-Khafaji has approved of a project that would develop the archaeological city of Ur , assuring that this project will generate billions of dinars yearly.

Daadoush told Shafaq News Agency, "Governor al-Khafaji gave his approval for a project plan that I had submitted to him to develop the archaeological city of Ur and find a way to continuously finance this location and put an end to the endless financing problems."

He added, "The project entails setting up an administrative unit in the non-residential district of Ibrahim al-Khalifa in order to rehabilitate these locations which are of international importance."

Daadoush continued, "The project should insure two different financing strategies: the budget which is allocated yearly to managerial units in Iraq, and tourism in the city and the money generated by the airport, which will be under the jurisdiction of the district after its administrator and Municipal Committee are designated. The mission of the latters would be solely to protect the area and its archaeological artifacts."

He revealed, "We expect four billion dinars to be allocated to the protection of the district yearly, and this is a substantial amount of money."

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