Al-Kadhimi to visit the location of Jableh crime on Wednesday evening

Al-Kadhimi to visit the location of Jableh crime on Wednesday evening

Shafaq News/ The caretaker Iraqi Prime Minister, Mustafa al-Kadhimi, will be heading on Wednesday evening to the Jableh sub-district in Babel, south of Iraq.

A high-profile source told Shafaq News Agency that al-Kadhimi will visit the location of Jableh Massacre, where twenty members of the same family were killed, and meet the locals after the cabinet meeting today.

On December 3, al-Kadhimi dismissed senior officers in Babel in the aftermath of the "Jableh Massacre" and assigned the case to a high-profile committee from the Iraqi army.

According to a statement issued by his bureau, al-Kadhimi closely followed up the case and ordered the National Security Agency to look into the case and troubleshoot the defect that allowed conveying false information, which ultimately resulted in killing innocent people.

The Prime Minister received, according to the statement, the report of the National Security Agency on the case.

"The report included a detailed illustration of the circumstances of the gruesome crime characterized by the clear failure of the security system. In cooperation with the Judicial authority, fourteen persons involved in the crime were arrested, whether by conveying false information or committing the crime."

Al-Kadhimi instructed forming a security investigation committee headed by the Iraqi army's Chief-of-Staff, with the secretaries of the National Security Agency, Ministry of Interior for Police Affairs, Ministry of Justice, and the National Security Advisor on board.

The committee, according to the statement, will investigate the case via more diverse intelligence sources, look into reports about unscrutinized false accusations, and bring the culprits to justice.

"The Committee shall submit a report to the Commander-in-Chief of the Armed Forces in a week," the statement added.

Al-Kadhimi "dismissed the commander of Babel police department, the head of Babel's and Jableh Intelligence directorates, and referred them to the immediate investigation."

He also instructed the National Security Advisor to submit a report on how to organize the security and intelligence specialties of the ministries and security agencies and address the gaps that allow influencing the security and intelligence work to avoid such crimes in the future.

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