Al-Kadhimi to call for an "Iraqi national dialogue" 

Al-Kadhimi to call for an "Iraqi national dialogue" 

Shafaq News/ Iraq's caretaker Prime Minister Mustafa al-Kadhimi on Tuesday said he will invite the leaders of the Iraqi political forces to a "national dialogue". 

Al-Kadhimi's remarks came during an extraordinary session of the cabinet earlier today. 

"Unfortunately, we are still experiencing political challenges and political deadlock, along with their repercussions on the government's performance. The government is not a part of the political conflict. Still, some are trying to hold it responsible for this crisis," he said. 

"Wisdom and loyalty are crucial in this country. History has given us so much that we would be proud of. We must return part of this favor to our country, homeland, and people. These deprived people have long been subjected to mismanagement, poverty, and destructive wars."

"Our decision in this government was never to get involved in Iraqi bloodshed, neither today nor tomorrow. Iraqi blood is precious, and problems must be solved through dialogue only. For that, tomorrow, I will call for an Iraqi national dialogue in which all the country's leaders should contribute to finding a solution."

"My message to my brothers, the country's leaders: Everything will perish, and history will be the judge...Making sacrifices for Iraq is not a sign of weakness, but rather a sign of strength."

"A government cannot perform without a budget. Two years have passed without a budget, but we managed to run the country. The chance of success is possible if we join hands and deal with the challenges with the spirit of teamwork and loyalty to Iraq." 

"This government came in exceptional circumstances and successfully overcame all the challenges. However, xnfortunately, the government is nearly 28 months in office, and until this moment, the budget has only been available for six months." 

"The political deadlock affected the formation of the new government and led to the absence of a budget, and we accepted all the challenges and tried to overcome them. We faced accusations, slander, and injustice with silence for the sake of Iraq and for our people, who deserve a better life than what they are currently living," he concluded.

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