Al-Kadhimi declares the 6th of March a national day for tolerance and coexistence


Shafaq News/ The Iraqi Prime Minister, Mustafa Al-Kadhimi, announced on Saturday the 6th of March of every year "National Day of Tolerance and Coexistence in Iraq".

Al-Kadhimi said in a tweet, "In celebration of the historic meeting in Najaf between Ayatollah Ali AlSistani and Pope Francis, and the historic inter-religious meeting in the ancient city of Ur, we declare March 6 a National Day of Tolerance and Coexistence in Iraq."

Pope Francis met earlier today, Sunday, the Supreme Shiite Authority in Iraq, Sayyid Ali Al-Sistani, in the latter's residence in Najaf.

A statement from Al-Sistani's office noted how important it is for Christians in Iraq to live equally in peace and security just like everyone else, in addition to the significant role religious authorities played in protecting them amongst those who suffered from injustice throughout the years, especially when terrorists took over many Iraqi governorates.

Sistani wished happiness and well-being upon His Holiness Pope Francis and all humanity and thanked the Pope for going through the troubles of traveling to make this visit to Najaf.

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