Al-Kadhimi declares "a personal and moral commitment"


Shafaq News / A spokesman for Prime Minister has announced today, Tuesday, "personal and moral" commitments that the latter made towards citizens.

Ahmed Mulla Talal said in his weekly press conference, "Al-Kadhimi confirmed his personal and moral commitment to protecting the demonstrators," noting that he "urged the ministers to listen to their demands."

He added, "Al-Kadhimi instructed not to use live ammunition towards the demonstrators," explaining that he "emphasized all security forces to protect them and cooperate with them."

He pointed out that "the Minister of Labor confirmed that there are 6,814 retirees and employees who receive salaries from social welfare", pointing out that there are 978 retirees and employees who receive salaries with special needs.

Mulla Talal indicated that the cabinet approved to pay 75 thousand dinars to the “poor“ in Eid al-Adha occasion.

He also noted that "the cabinet decided to cancel the debts owed by the beneficiaries of the social protection benefits, which are  17552 families."

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