Al-Kadhimi arrives in Maysan


Shafaq News / The Iraqi Prime Minister, Mustafa Al-Kadhimi arrived, on Wednesday, in Maysan Governorate in the south of the country, after a two-day visit in the Kurdistan Region.

Shafaq News Agency correspondent, citing government sources, said that Al-Kadhimi will meet the governor of Maysan Ali Douai and officials to discuss several security and service files.

The sources added that Al-Kadhimi will visit foreign companies operating in the governorate, in addition to the families of the victims of the demonstrations, and meeting with activists and Ashaeri sheikhs.

Also, the PM will follow the operations of imposing law and confiscating the illegal weapons, which launched on the seventh of September in the governorate.

Al-Kadhimi's visit to Maysan, southern Iraq, comes after a two-day visit to the Kurdistan Region, which was concluded Friday, September 11, during which he met with senior officials and leaders of the region.


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