Al-Kadhimi applies major changes in high economic positions


Shafaq News / The Iraqi Prime Minister, Mustafa Al-Kadhimi, applies major shuffles in high economic positions in the country.

A document issued by the Director of the Prime Minister's Office, Raed Jouhi, stated that the prime minister decided to transfer the services of Khaled Salah al-Din Murad, Director-General of the Iraqi Fund for external Development to the position of Director-General of the Public Debt Department in the ministry. The PM also assigned Mrs. Beren Abdel Salam Qasim Al-Khafaf, as Director-General of the Iraqi Fund for External Development.

Al-Kadhimi also decided to transfer the senior director in the economic department in the ministry, Rashad Khudair Waheed, to the Agricultural Cooperative Bank and assigned him to the duties of the bank’s general manager. In addition, Ms. Najah Abbas Ali, director-general of the Insurance Bureau, was transferred to the Economic Department and assigned to the position of the director-general of the department.

Hussain Ali Muheisen Al-Zubaidi, the Assistant General Manager of Al-Rafidain Bank, was handed the duties of the General Manager of the Bank.

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