Al-Kadhimi announces "huge success" in the electricity file


Shafaq News/ The Iraqi Prime Minister, Mustafa al-Kadhimi, said that his government will not tolerate the phenomenon of "unrestricted arms", hinting at a breakthrough in the electricity file.

In a speech he delivered two days prior to the parliamentary election day, al-Kadhimi said, "we took a series of decisions to restore the prestige of the state security forces."

"The anti-corruption committee has opened more than 50 files," he said, "in spite of the electricity crisis in Iraq, we have made exceptional efforts to lift the power reality and address the catastrophic mistakes that resulted from poor planning in the past few years. Production jumped from 16 thousand Megawatts a day last year to 21 thousand Megawatts a day currently."

"The issue of electricity interconnection with neighboring countries has been resolved. The international power grid will be completed next year," he added. 

"We decided to start a project to invest in the Iraqi flares gas. Iraq would be able to provide gas for its power facilities in the future,” he added, “we have opened the door to large investments in the field of solar energy, which will be a decisive factor in providing electricity."

"This year, we launched a major project to secure more than 650,000 residential lands for citizens to contribute to solving the housing crisis...we allocated funds to provide infrastructure for these new areas and provide  housing loans."

"We also launched large investment plans and attracted international companies to implement them, bypassing obstacles that bolster the environment of corruption and repels investors."

"We revived and started building the long-awaited al-Faw port project...Iraq will become one of the most important international pathways for global trade in the upcoming years.”

"This year, we achieved progress in two main areas: the first is expanding the scope of social care for the families in need, and doubling the amounts allocated in this aspect to address the damages inflicted by these groups."

"We reformed the ration card system by providing a decent food basket for our people and ended a long history of manipulation and chaos. We also launched a project to build a thousand schools."

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