Al-Kadhimi: I am not afraid for my future


Shafaq News/  Iraq’s Prime Minister, Mustafa Al-Kadhimi confirmed, on Thursday,  that the current government had stopped a civil war between the two most important powers in the region.

 during an interview with Al-Iraqiya News Channel,  Al-Kadhimi explained, “this government is one year old, not seventeen years, despite this,  it faced all challenges in order to preserve the blood of Iraqis."

 He added that "Iraq was on the brink of a civil war or a war between two important powers in the region, and this government came to inject Iraqi blood and create an opportunity for hope."

 He explained that "a year of challenges and attempts to obstruct any reform steps... It was a difficult year, but Iraq and the Iraqis deserve sacrifice. The government's ambition is greater than the measures it took  at security and economic level."

 The Prime Minister indicated that "the government took severe decisions, looking for justice …  it wants to build a state, and Iraq needs to rebuild the state."

 He pointed out that ",I am not an elected prime minister, but I am a servant of this people. We have taken reform decisions because we want to reform our country.”

 According to Al-Kadhimi, the current government is facing "continuous campaigns of skepticism,  but we are keen not to create despair among people, but rather create hope for a better future."

 "We are not convinced of what democracy has produced after 2003, but we are able to correct many mistakes, and we still have a chance. We are still looking for a light at the end of the tunnel."

 The Prime Minister explained, "The government came with major goals, first of all, holding elections and preparing all the conditions to establish them and restore the prestige of the state and confidence in our army and security forces."

 On the elections, he pointed out that "elections are a populademand...We have an election law and a federal court, and we have provided all support to the Electoral Commission."

 The Prime Minister continued, "We are working to make Iraq a meeting point and not a cause for imbalance. The region has conflicts, and Iraq is required to play a role that supports the stability of the region and not terrorize its people, as was Saddam's reckless policy."

  he added, "I am not afraid for my future political situation, but I am keen on Iraq's reputation. Iraq has not witnessed a real economic reform process for more than fifty years."

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