Al-Fatah specifies five conditions to approve the budget bill


Shafaq News / Al-Fatah coalition said that it does not approve the 2021 budget bill unless the following items are added to it:

1- The price of the dollar in the general budget is 1119 dinars.

2- The Ministry of Finance shall create the necessary job grades to regularize all contract workers in the Electoral Commission.

3- The Ministry of Finance shall install the job grades, especially for free lecturers.

4- The Ministry of Finance shall disburse financial dues to the contract lecturers within the 2021 budget.

5- The Kurdistan Region's share of the total actual expenditures for the current expenditures and the investment project expenditures is determined after excluding the sovereign expenditures specified in the Federal Budget Law. This provision applies as long as the Kurdistan Regional Government pays the amounts specified by SOMO from oil revenues, in addition to the non-oil revenues. If the region fails to commit, the expenses shall not be paid; otherwise, the violator of this provision bears legal responsibility.

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