Al-Fatah responds to accusing Iraqi factions of being behind the Riyadh attack


Shafaq News / A leader of al-Fatah alliance, led by Hadi al-Amiri, responded to reports of Iraqi factions being behind the Riyadh attack.

The leader of the coalition, Abu Mithaq Al-Masari, told Shafaq News agency, "Everyone must know that no strikes are launched from Iraq towards any of the neighboring countries, whether Saudi Arabia or others."

"Suspicious agendas are supporting this proposition. They want to drag Iraqi resistance parties into a quagmire and a corner of killing. These suspicious agendas are also behind the bombing of the US embassy in Baghdad," he added.

Al-Masari said, "We must defend ourselves against these agendas," stressing, "Iraqis do not bomb their neighbors, neither the factions nor others. These rumors aim to put the factions and their leaders under the risk of fire and assassination."

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