Al-Bayati: we do not reject the KDP's return to Kirkuk 


Shafaq News/ The Turkmen leader in the Badr Organization and a member of the Al-Fatah Alliance in Kirkuk, Muhammad Mahdi Al-Bayati, denied the Turkmen community or al-Hashd al-Shaabi's rejection for the return of the Kurdistan Democratic Party to Kirkuk.

 Al-Bayati told Shafaq News Agency;  "We do not reject the return of the Democratic Party to Kirkuk as a political party that has the right to exercise its political activities and its entitlements with its proponents, by the rights guaranteed by the constitution. However, we refuse the return of any armed groups or elements affiliated with the Kurdish parties to Kirkuk because of some social concerns and the national demographic diversity of Kirkuk."

"The return of the Democratic Party to Kirkuk is welcomed by most political parties, but without any armed manifestations."

Moreover, Al-Bayati acknowledged the marginalization of the current Kirkuk administration and the lack of balance in the governorate's administration between the Arabs, Kurds, and Turkmen.

 Political and governmental sources confirm that the KDP will return to Kirkuk and the disputed areas covered by Article 140, during the current year, following governmental agreements pending their implementation.

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