Al-Azim residents call on the security forces to secure the district's borders with Saladin


Shafaq News/ Residents of Al-Azim district, north of Diyala, demanded the security leaders to secure the district's borders with Saladin.

 The former head of the local al-Azim Council and a leader in the tribal mobilization, Muhammad Ibrahim Daifan, told Shafaq News Agency, "All security operations implemented by the security forces will be useless without monitoring and a permanent presence between Diyala and Saladin, noting that these areas have dangerous borders due to ISIS' control over it.

Daifan confirmed that ISIS terrorists return to their hideouts in-Azim-Saladin borders, after the withdrawal of security units.

For his part, the director of Al-Azim district, Abdul-Jabbar Ahmed Al-Obaidi, called through Shafaq News Agency to "set up security points along the border strip between Al-Azim and Saladin to confront terrorist attacks, noting that the borders of Diyala within Al-Azim are under control, but the Saladin borders are still dangerous and insecure. 

 Al-Obaidi pointed out that ISIS terrorists attack for distance and resort to sniper attacks. He called for adopting a new and permanent security strategy to address the situation.

"The people of the border villages have night guards and patrols to confront any danger or terrorist exposure that affects them."

 Yesterday, Al-Azim district was subjected to a violent attack targeting security points in the villages of al-Tala’a and Albu Awwad, during which ISIS took control of an army point, causing several casualties.

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