Al-Anbar to fund converting the artificial waterfalls in Heet to a tourist destination


Shafaq News/ The Municipalities Directorate in al-Anbar will build a tourist complex in the Jebba sub-district, west of the governorate.

Qatari al-Obaidi, the administrator of the Jebba, a sub-district of the heet district, said that members of the local government in al-Anbar visited the artificial waterfalls area in the sub-district and instructed the Municipalities Directorate to proceed with building a tourism complex that resembles those in the Kurdistan Region.

"We noticed earlier that some heights develop waterfalls in the rain season. So we decided to draw water from the Euphrates to build artificial, but permanent, waterfalls. We will replicate this experience in nine different locations," he said.

"We consider funding tourist complexes to convert the area to tourist destinations, similar to the waterfalls area in the Kurdistan Region," he added, "the studies made by a team of experts assured us that the waterfalls would not affect the soil there because it is mostly rocky and not eligible for agriculture."

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