Al-Ameri: Iraq will remain protected against all conspiracies


Shafaq News/ The head of Al-Fateh Alliance, Hadi Al-Amiri, said that whoever encourages conflict will "burn with it," and whoever bets on Shiite-Shiite fighting is delusional.

Speaking at the memorial ceremony for the leader of the Badr Organization, Abdul Karim Al-Ansari, Al-Amiri said, "Iraq will remain protected against all internal and external conspiracies due to the joint work of the Popular Mobilization Forces and the security services."

He added, "whoever is betting on Shiite-Shiite fighting - is delusional. This is impossible to happen."

"Whoever thinks of fueling conflicts will burn with it. Iraq above all."

"Everyone has the responsibility to maintain security and restore the state's prestige." Al-Ameri Concluded.

Al-Fatah Alliance is an essential part of the Pro-Iranian Coordination Framework that faced a massive loss in the Parliamentary elections.

Compared with the 2018 results, The Al-Fateh Alliance lost 31 seats, taking only 17 seats in the last elections.

According to Shafaq News Agency sources, with Al-Sadr's withdrawal from the political scene, the Al-Fateh Alliance would have 44 deputies out of the 73 parliamentary seats of Al-Sadr's deputies.

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