After Kirkuk terrorist attack, Iraqi MP stress the need to find solutions for eliminating ISIS


Shafaq News / A Member of the Security and Defense Committee, MP Saad Mayee Al-Halfi, said today, Thursday that the terrorist attacks in Kirkuk Governorate is due to a security defect, calling for coordination between the federal forces and the Peshmerga.

Al-Halfi said in a statement "Despite the painful strikes by our armed forces against ISIS remnants and criminal gangs, the terrorist attack in Kirkuk governorate recorded a remarkable escalation."

“These gangs will intensify their terrorist attacks every time we are closer to run the elections, they have a desperate attempt to obstruct this achievement that the people are waiting for," added Al-Halfi, a deputy from the Sairoon Parliamentary Bloc.

He stressed the need to find realistic solutions and to immediately address this imbalance in coordination between the various formations of the security services and the military units associated with the governments of Baghdad and Kurdistan.

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