After Abu Mazen's electoral conference, Nineveh's Health Director demands prohibiting gatherings


Shafaq News/ Nineveh Health Directorate expressed on Thursday displeasure after MP of Saladin, Ahmed 'Abu Mazen' Al-Jubouri, held an electoral conference, noting that the epidemiological situation in the governorate is beyond the capacity of the Healthcare system.

The head of Nineveh’s Health Directorate, Falah al-Taie, told Shafaq News Agency, "the health situation in the governorate does not augur well. The central quarantine hospital has reached its full capacity."

"While Nineveh’s Health Directorate is fighting COVID-19 with full force, we are astonished by huge gatherings, electoral conferences, and road-blockings without any consideration for COVID-19 preventions."

"We categorically reject those gatherings. We demand prohibiting them in the coming period because the situation is terrible in the governorate, particularly in Mosul."

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