Accepting the challenge by the Federal Supreme Court will affect the early elections, Al-Fatah Alliance says


Shafaq News / The deputy of Al-Fatah Alliance Mukhtar Al-Mousawi commented today, Tuesday, on lodging a challenge to the supreme federal court against the new election law.

Al-Mousawi told Shafaq News Agency that "Accepting the appeal by the Federal Supreme Court will have an impact on the date of early elections... but the court's decisions are binding on all and not subject to appeal."

He stated that "political parties and personalities stand behind submitting this appeal, as they are trying in every way for not holding the early elections," adding that those "will work on everything to keep the situation as it is for the sake of their personal and partisan interests."

The High Electoral Commission confirmed on Sunday, April 18th, that the date for holding the parliamentary elections, on the tenth of next October, is an “inevitable and irreversible date.”

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