Abu Saida in Diyala declares a general strike


Shafaq News / The director of Abi Saida sub-district, Abdullah Al-Hayali, declared today, Tuesday, a general strike to protest the assassination attempt of the water director of the sub-district yesterday by unknown persons.

Al-Hayali told Shafaq News agency that the employees and the residents of Abu Saida, 30 km northeast of Baquba, have renewed the demands to end the security unrest and the organized assassination campaigns launched by unknown groups.

He added, "The people of Abu Saida also renewed the demands of achieving security stability in the district and its outskirts and protecting civilians and employees from any armed attacks."

Yesterday, a security source told Shafaq News agency, "the director of Abi Saida water project, Abbas Jawad Akash Al-Tai, survived an assassination attempt by unknown persons."

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