Abu Mazen: Saladin's impeached governor used "militias" to get himself reinstated


Shafaq News/ Lawmaker Ahmed al-Jubouri, Abu Mazen, lashed out at Saladin's impeached governor, Ammar al-Jubouri, as the latter attempted to recover his post using the force of "militia arms".

Social media users shared footage of Abu Mazen saying, "Saladin's governor was dismissed per a recommendation by Prime Minister Mustafa al-Kadhimi and the parliament voted unanimously in favor of his dismissal."

"Except for criminalizing normalization with Israel and dismissing Saladin's governor, a consensus has never happened in the parliament," the member of al-Siyada bloc continued, "there is a national consensus on dismissing him."

"He can file a complaint at the administrative court or the Federal Supreme Court if he believes he has been wronged, but he cannot return to his post by the support of militias."

"We will press charges against Saladin's governor," he concluded.

On May 19, the Iraqi parliament voted unanimously on relieving Ammar al-Jubouri from the duties of Saladin's governor per a recommendation by Prime Minister al-Kadhimi.

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