A tribal dignitary of Dhi Qar hosts prominent activists in preparation for an important meeting


Shafaq News/ A local source in Dhi Qar revealed on Sunday that prominent civil activists and demonstrators are currently meeting with the head of a prominent tribe in the governorate.

The source told Shafaq News Agency that the head of Al-Aboda tribes, Sheikh Hussein Ali Al Khayoun, hosts a group of prominent activists in his residence to discuss the updates on the situation in the governorate.

Al Khayoun and his guests are considering preparing for an important meeting to be held tomorrow, Monday, to announce their position on the developments in Nasiriyah.

It is noteworthy that Sheikh Hussein Ali Al Khayoun survived last Thursday an assassination attempt by unknown gunmen on his farm in al-Shatra district. His driver sustained severe injuries, which required transferring him to the hospital.

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