A total lockdown is on the table amid rising COVID-19 infections, Cabinet spokesman says


Shafaq News/ The spokesman of the Iraqi government, the Minister of Culture, Nadhim Hasan, hinted at imposing a lockdown as COVID-19 case-count has surged recently, announcing authorizing the Iraqi Ambassador to China and Russia to conclude the COVID-19 vaccine deals with the corresponding manufacturing countries.

Hasan said in the weekly press conference, which Shafaq News Agency attended, "there are signs of another total lockdown. The Supreme Committee for National Health and Safety will convene tomorrow to resolve this issue."

Hasan announced that Iraq shall receive 16million doses in the upcoming days, "the government authorized the ambassadors of Iraq to Russia and China to conclude the contracts with vaccine manufacturers," stressing, "there should be no intermediary companies between Iraq and the manufacturers."

The spokesman of the cabinet said that PM Al-Kadhimi directed conducting field visits to Nasiriyah to closely observe the conditions in the city and the status of the government services provided to the citizens.

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