A third political party drops out from the Parliamentary elections


Shafaq News/ The Iraqi Front for National Dialogue, led by former Deputy Prime Minister Saleh al-Mutlaq, dropped out from the Iraqi Parliamentary elections scheduled to October 10 later this year.

In a statement issued earlier today, Wednesday, the Front said, "2018's elections were the worst with a very small turnout and too much rigging. The results of that elections did not represent the will of our people, and it led to further political deterioration and failure to build state institutions."

"The Iraqi people recognize the fact that the poor political situation of the country, failure to secure a safe environment for the elections, and the proliferation of arms confirm that no frank change will happen. For this conviction, the Front decided not to partake in this elections, and we will not contest with any candidate in any electoral district."

"The Front affirms its position that it is impossible to hold fair elections without ending the fraud factors, exemplified by arms and Political money."

The Front is the third political party to withdraw from the Iraqi Parliamentary elections after the Sadrist movement and the Iraqi Communist Party.

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