A state of alert declared in Al-Anbar and the Iraqi-Syrian borders


Shafaq News / A high-level security official in Al-Anbar Operations Command revealed that the pace of security measures will be increased throughout the cities of the governorate starting from Thursday evening, against the backdrop of Al-Tayaran square bombings.

An officer in the command told Shafaq News Agency that a state of security alert was declared at all checkpoints and security barriers, especially those linking the governorate with Baghdad, Saladin, Nineveh, Babel and Karbala.

In the same context, sources in Al-Jazeera and Badia Operations Command in Al-Anbar Governorate, responsible for the Iraqi-Syrian border's security, revealed that similar measures had been implemented in the border city of Al-Qaim, in anticipation of any security repercussions.

Earlier today, the Minister of Health and Environment Hassan Muhammad Al-Tamimi announced that the number of victims of Al-Tayaran Square bombing in the center of Baghdad, has risen to 32, noting that only 36 wounded are receiving treatment in hospitals, while the rest of the wounded have left after receiving the required first aid.

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