A parliamentary decision "deprives" Dhi Qar of hundreds of millions of dinars


Shafaq News / The source told Shafaq News Agency that the Chairman of the Finance Committee, Haitham Al-Jubouri, canceled the Dhi Qar reconstruction fund as a disaster-stricken and affected area, without disclosing the reasons.

The source pointed out, "this fund was supposed to provide hundreds of millions of dinars from the funds allocated to the affected areas across the country, as well as the governorate's share of petro-dollars money."

During the next few days, the Council of Representatives intends to put the draft general budget bill for 2021 to a vote after completing its discussions within the Parliamentary Finance Committee.

Earlier today, Thursday, the Speaker of Parliament Muhammad al-Halbousi announced that the parliament would continue its work until the draft federal budget bill's approval for the fiscal year 2021.

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