A local official in al-Anbar denies reports on reducing the governorate's share from the General Budget


Shafaq News / The Deputy Governor of al-Anbar for Technical Affairs, Jassem Al-Asal, denied on Monday reports about reducing or stealing the governorate's funds in 2021's budget.

Al-Asal told Shafaq News agency, "reports circulating over social media about reducing or stealing the governorate's share from the state's general budget are inaccurate," indicating, "the governorates' budget in the general budget is two trillion Iraqi dinars and is divided among the governorates according to the population." 

Al-Asal added, "the governorate's MPs in the Iraqi parliament will not allow stealing al-Anbar's share of the budget," stressing, "They will preserve the dues of the governorate and the component."

Al-Asal highlighted "the efforts to rehabilitate the infrastructure and develop the services in the governorate," noting, "all the reports emerging about stopping those projects are unfounded."

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