A joint security operation on ISIS largest camp in Diyala


Shafaq News / Iraqi security forces raided an ISIS camp in northern Diyala in a joint security operation today, Wednesday.

 A security source in Diyala told Shafaq News agency, "a joint force consisting of bombs squad, mortars-120 regiment, and other forces from the Al-Azim District Police and the Tribal Mobilization Forces, under the supervision of the Deputy Commander of the Fifth Division, Brigadier-General Abdul Karim Hussein Yusef, carried out today, a large-scale clearing operation for the northern Aisha camp in Al-Azim sub-district and the surrounding areas between Diyala and Saladin governorates."

"The forces raided the camp used by terrorist groups as a staging ground for their terrorist operations against citizens and security forces," the statement added.

ISIS terrorists tried to revive what was once notorious as the largest headquarters of Al-Qaida and later ISIS. However, the security forces curbed the frequent terrorist attempts to take over the camp.

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