82 out of 399 arrivals from India test Positive for Covid-19

82 out of 399 arrivals from India test Positive for Covid-19

Shafaq News / Iraq’s Ministry of Health and environment announced, on Tuesday, that 82 out of 399 Iraqis who arrived from India tested positive for Covid-19.

A member of the medical media team at the Ministry, Ruba Falah, said in a statement the teams of the Ministry of Health tested all arrivals and supervised their quarantine in a hotel in Baghdad.

The results showed that 82 personnel are infected but of the Indian Variant.

Yesterday, Iraqi Airways evacuated about 400 Iraqis stuck in India due to the Covid-19 pandemic.

Other evacuation trips will be taken place to evacuate the rest.

Earlier, Iraq’s ambassador to India, Falah Abdul-Hassan Al-Saadi confirmed that 550 Iraqis want to return and six Iraqis have died due to the new Coronavirus complications, but the Indian authorities refuse to transfer their bodies"

He pointed out that "there are five personnel among the Iraqi Mission team in India, one of them is in a very critical condition, his blood oxygen levels is between 66 and 70%, and the Mission was unable to find a bed in hospitals.

Iraq has so far confirmed 1,079,998 infections, including 15,566 deaths.

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