5 killed in attempt to storm Iranian consulate in Karbala

5 killed in attempt to storm Iranian consulate in Karbala

Shafaq News/12 people were killed and several others injured in an attempt to break into the Iranian consulate in the holy city of Karbala, medical sources said Monday.

In the meantime, the Iraqi High Commissioner for Human Rights said in a statement today that it monitored, through its observation teams, the events that took place in Karbala province on Sunday evening, 3rd of  November, 2019, which led to a clash between security forces and demonstrators as they tried to enter the Iranian consulate, which led with great regret to the death of (3) Demonstrators with live bullets and injuring (12) demonstrators and security forces.

The Commission condemned the continued target of demonstrates causing martyrs and injuries and called on security forces to fully adhere to the application of the criteria of security clashes and the non-use of live bullets and refer people who directly shot towards the demonstrators for investigation.

The Commission called on all demonstrators to remain in the places designated for the demonstrations and the sustainability of their peaceful demonstrations and not to endanger diplomatic buildings, as this is a violation of international agreements binding on Iraq, and we call on all parties to stay away from any hostility that generates casualties between both parties.

In the early hours of Monday, security forces broke up demonstrations outside the Iranian consulate in Karbala.

Dozens of protesters surrounded the consulate, lowered the Iranian flag, raised the Iraqi flag instead, and set fire to the concrete blocks surrounding the building.

Protesters in several predominantly Shi'ite cities, including Baghdad, began a general strike on vital roads and government departments on Monday in a move to increase pressure on the judiciary, legislative and executive authorities , political parties and ruling powers to meet the protesters' demands.

For his part, Spokesman of the Commander of the Armed Forces Major General ,Abdul Karim Khalaf said that "the burning and destruction of rubber pads of al-Jumhuroya bridge in central Baghdad led to a defect in the body of the bridge that may lead to its collapse."

In Basra, Basra Oil Company announced the continuation of work for all employees of the company and no stop or blocking for roads leading to all oil fields.

On Monday, the Minister of Construction, Housing and Municipalities, Bankin Rikani, appealed people in the southernmost province of Basra to maintain oil facilities and ports during the protests.

Thousands of protesters blocked all roads leading to the port. On Saturday, police used live ammunition and tear gas to disperse protesters and open roads leading to the port, but failed to force them to leave.

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