+20 roads reopened in Samarra after 14 years of closure


Shafaq News/ Samarra Operations Command affiliated with al-Salam Brigades reopened more than 20 roads in the city of Samarra to the southeast of Tikrit.

The spokesperson of the paramilitary force said in a statement to Shafaq News Agency, "in coordination and cooperation with Samarra military command, security forces, and services departments, Samarra Operations Command in al-Salam Brigades reopened more than 20 main and side roads that had been closed for 10-14 years due to security threats."

"Many roads were opened in al-Sharqiya, Agricultural neighborhood, Qadissiyah, al-Muthanna, and others after the evanescence of the security threats due to the joint plans between the security forces and al-Salam Brigades

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