Iraq officially recognizes a border crossing between Kurdistan and Iran


Shafaq News/ The governor of Kurdistan, western Iran, "Behmen Muradunya" announced on Wednesday that the Iraqi government agreed to officially recognize the "Siranband" border crossing, describing the event as "important" for the development of the commercial movement in the province, especially the city of Baneh.

 The official Iranian agency "IRNA" quoted "Muradunya" as saying that the recognition of the Iraqi government to "Siranband" border crossing contributes to the development of trade in this city, the governorate, and the growth of trade relations with Iraqi Kurdistan.

The governor of Iranian Kurdistan announced reopening the border markets of "Mela Chord Sarabad" and "Khanum Sheykhan" in Marivan city, starting from next week.

 He added, "the resumption of these markets' activities will help revive the border areas and provide job opportunities for their people."

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